There are quite a few cards below where the main character is also joined by a secondary character as well. You have to go through which ones they are.
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Aquaman Aqualad


Batgirl MartianManhunter
Batwoman Hawkgirl Hawkman Joker CaptainMarvel
Darkseid Catwoman Cheetah Cyborg CaptainMarvel Jr.
Penguin Kid Flash Firestorm Flash GreenArrow
Sinestro Nightwing Mr.Freeze Robin GreenLantern
Riddler Supergirl Starfire Superman BlackCanary
Zatanna Hourman PlasticMan Spectre BlackAdam
Atom Dr.Midnight WonderWoman Raven BlueBeetle
ReverseFlash WondeGirl Dr.Fate Brainiac LexLuthor
Captain Cold Speedy TwoFace Scarecrow Poison Ivy